hello sunshine.

I’m Courtney aka

I’m a girl mom to Georgia who is all love and Poet, I named her after Tupac and she’s been breaking the rules ever since. Our family was completed by adoption and I love diversity.

I identify as a redhead, whoever said blondes have more fun had no idea what they were talking about. I’m an oilfield wife. My husband is away at work 6 months out of every year. If you think my schedule is weird, good so do I.

I freakin love nostalgia.

If photography ever falls through, I could totally be a professional soundtrack picker outer.

I’ve lived in Arkansas my whole life but I love finding a cute airbnb. Let’s travel.

I'm a true crime junkie dating back to the original Unsolved Mysteries series.

If  you can't find me, check at the flea market.


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